this tree and me

this tree
has seen me through
the seasons of my life
the fall
when I fell and stayed down
when I cried out
because my words fell away
the winter
when all of me was dead
invisible and I wanted
to stay that way
Then came Spring

This Tree
Has life all around her
as I sat beneath her canopy
Poured out my heart to her
She gave me hope
Then one day I saw this
Yellow flower just for me
In my spot
Where I sit and mend
This tree holds all my secrets
This tree is standing tall
Like me in
Something about that
Humbles me
Thank you God
this tree

17 thoughts on “this tree and me

  1. I wanted to comment on a couple of posts earlier/later–but maybe the comments are closed on them. They were about your ex-husband, and though I clicked LIKE–they’re just so painful. I don’t know what else to say, the words you wrote reverberate within me–so very painful. God bless you and your Baby Girl.


      1. I understand completely! That is why I don’t have my legal name or my photo available–I’m estranged from my family, and they never showed any interest in my talent/interests/passion/Faith, but I wouldn’t want to give them an opportunity to gossip about me and my “little blog” (they’re quite demeaning, and 2-faced). We have a right to what is ours, all that is meaningful to us, what God has given and done for us–no need to toss pearls before swine.


      2. Yep, God is the only dependable one–flawless love forever. In my first blog, 3 yrs ago, I had my photo up for awhile–until guys started bugging me. No raving beauty mind you–I’m fat and frumpy at 61–but they’d imagine I was so funny and wise and full of Faith…and I don’t know what! So I pulled it–I don’t have the energy for anymore nonsense in my life. I wouldn’t trade the intimacy I have with Jesus, for anything–not even a great spouse, or sibling friendships. Fat and frumpy, yes–but I’m not as stupid as I used to be.


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