Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

Do you feel sometimes

Do you feel sometimes we are like two parallel hearts in different lands? I was listening to this song by Kirtana, I said that I would sing. Got me to thinking about my mission here on earth šŸ’•… Read More


I’ve had this song running through my head all day…. I hope I can always be found in kindness and humble no matter if you might have received my actions as less than humble and kind. My heart… Read More

I come…to the River

This is the pond behind my house…this song was playing in my soul…  

Train song-You don’t need to board the train

I decided to not board the thought train today…reminded me of this song. Of course I have art for this! I used to be a frequent traveler. Ā šŸ™‚


I am always dreaming dreams and I always will~I choose to dream~The feeling of lightness can be experienced even in the heaviest of circumstances. I believe that. ~įƒ¦~

Beam me up

Beam Me Up…MichelleMarie

The Offering-Kirtana

This is the only video I could find with this song. I feel this song deeply.

Stay On My Shore


Falling slowly

You’re Gonna Be Ok

When the night is closing in don’t give up don’t give in…You’re gonna be ok.

I made it through the rain

A fellow dreamer shared this with me and I sang it all the way to work over and over. Thank you for this I want you to know today I got my big umbrella! ā˜‚ļø

All out of love-Air Supply

I wish I could go back and tell my 16 year old self that I would never run out of love and quite the opposite I have been filled with ever increasing love with each year that passes…. Read More