Winter Dreams frozen in time…for Bling


Winter Dreams frozen in time
I’ve heard her say a thousand times
How he scooped her up
and off they ran
Never looking back again
I’m tender to this knightly man
though I’ve met him
I think I have
through her eyes
in her heart he lives
Her wisdom daily
she freely gives
So much strength
to carry on
Like she does I think
She’s brave, and wise
She is my friend
So when memories frozen
come back again
I’ll listen…shhhh

26 thoughts on “Winter Dreams frozen in time…for Bling

    1. Thank you so much! I made it for Bling! It’s part of my an art thing I do to share. I put the images together then write from that! Sometimes the write themselves. 😀 Thank you so so much! You are so kind! 😀

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      1. AWE sure you do! You maybe just haven’t found your medium or niche’ yet! Everyone has art on the inside of them. Thank you so much! I like to encourage everyone to find their art! You must look into this for your own heart! ღ I think!

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      2. OH yes and writing is art. I know this because no one can write like you do! So I think whatever you do is art actually! Whatever expression your hearts uses is perfectly perfect I think! Even if you draw little hearts and butterflies. I used to do that when I was little. ღ

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      3. Never feel bad about that. If you let people they will take up all your time. I revamped my blog too! Set up only categories and I just am here for whoever shows up! Look you did. How cool is that! I believe whatever someone needs they will come and get whatever they need and vice versa! Kinda cool! Have a super day! I believe in you Andrew! Keep on doing what you are doing! It’s working!


      4. Thank you…one thing I’ve learned is that we have to remember to be kind to ourselves. I think that is most important and then it just blossom outward like flowers! Give yourself a hug. Oh hey my friend Laurie over at says this my arms reach out to hold us both. I think that type of love is nurturing and so very healing! She’s helped me a lot!

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      5. I haven’t been visiting blogs much so it’s so nice that you showed up when I decided to explore a little! My girl has been very sick so I’ve been keeping my blogging down. But today I feel better about things! 😀 Thanks for that!

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