And so…tell me something little wildflower

And So….Tell me something little wildflower

I have lived like a garden rose
It is the only life I know
I felt the touch of tending hands
I made my peace of which I stand

I long to see her dancing
right in front of me.
I watched her last night swaying softly
and I heard the gentle breeze…
whisper something like little wildflower….
hum hum hummmmmmhummmm

21 thoughts on “And so…tell me something little wildflower

  1. I have had a few bad internet experiences. In email conversation, I provide my personal information, and also provide more information than that which is contained in my blog posts.

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  2. I always wanted a 35 mm Nikon,F-1, F-2, but I couldn’t afford one. So, I settled for the Minolta SR T 101, and 102. All of these were great during their days. Hasselblad, Bronica, Mamya… I wish that I could have had one of each. Oh, well! Please keep up your good work.

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    1. Thank you so much Tim. They truly are. I sometimes want to be out there with them but the ticks and snakes stop me. I have to wear my high boots when I venture out in the middle of them. 😀

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      1. Haha you know how I am about snakes. I trapped one under the porch I have a extreme dislike for snakes. We have rattlesnakes here the high waters have everyone on edge watching for the snakes to come into the yards. Yikes.

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