Cuteness overload

Alex took this one. Aww 🥰

Y’all I love these itty bitty horses. My girl and I take a drive to see them every night. Tonight the momma showed him off. 🥰😍

27 thoughts on “Cuteness overload

    1. Exactly I feel the same way. I started talking to them and they come closer. Alex loves them too but thought I was crazy talking to them but they like it I know because the baby came out from under the momma. 🙂 🙂

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    1. I think so too Tim. Alex has never seen miniature horses before I started taking her by there. She wants to get one for the back field 😂😍 I might think about it maybe I need a little horse in my life 🐴💜

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      1. A miniature horse might be fun. We had Shetland ponies and horses when I was growing up. My sister was the one originally interested in horses. Then she lost interest, so I ended up taking care of them. I used to ride our horses a lot. There were a lot of cute girls I rode with back in the day, which was part of the motivation. I never had a saddle, so I always rode bareback. I even barrel raced bareback and didn’t do too badly at it, either.

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      2. Oh wow I’ve always loved horses too. I rode when I was a kid but we never owned any. I used to tell my Pa if I had $100 I’d buy me a horse. I might do that when I retire and finally raise mini horses. That’s amazing you rode bareback and barrel raced. I love your motivation so funny how we are motivated when we are young lol 😉 🐴🙋🏼‍♀️

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      3. We almost adapted a couple of wild horses several years ago, but horses eat like horses, and have horse sized vet bills. Our kitties seem to eat like horses, and their vet bills are not cheap by any means.

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      4. How fun would that be!!! I know what you mean. My dog’s vet is also an Equine vet and I love her she makes house calls. I know what you mean Angel’s bills are always high when I have a something done with her. She’s 15 so I think it’s worth the extra care for sure 🙂

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