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29° a frosty sunrise

I noticed some frost on the outside table, what lovely snowflake shapes. If it wasn’t so cold, I would have taken more photos.

What does this…

And this Have in common? Hint…they both start with A. 😂 I have way too much time on my hands because I’m cooking and doing all these domestic things I never had time to do and I gotta… Read More

I Miss Our Reckless Days…

I’ve never not seen the STOP signs, but what if I did? Things might have been different.  Nevertheless, here I am. STOPPING and taking a rest! Maybe wishing I listened to that still small voice that told me to… Read More

Another view

This is the entire view. It was pretty cloudy but I could still get a few shots. I love the glare the clouds created so the moon shows up better. 🙂

Thanksgiving Full Moon

Beautiful Moon last night. Hope everyone had a good one. Mine was quiet! 🙂

Merry Christmas early

So, today Alex wanted to decorate for Christmas…I was laughing because I usually don’t like to do this but for her I did it. I dragged out all my snowmen. She bought this little Charlie Brown tree…tomorrow we… Read More

Beautiful sunset tonight


Visit from my little friend

Happy Friday

~~~~~~~~~~~~~🧡~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🧡~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good morning

Good morning. 🧡

Quiet weekend

Just finished cooking Angel and I a late lunch. We’ve been hanging outside watching the butterflies and moths visiting my flowers. So far 2 Monarchs and one yellow butterfly 🦋 Check out these leaves We have a mole…. Read More

A frosty 37°

Happy Wednesday 💛🧡