Voice of truth – the sound of freedom

Art by Micki Michelle Marie

Your calmness calls me
like game or
chaff to the wind
I blow your way
I turned my head
and started to go
but your voice
it called me back
centered me
and reminded
our mission
was freedom
not bondage
I heard your
voice calling
from far away
I saw your face
and I heard
Voice of Truth

Micki Michelle Marie

The Voice of Truth

Traces of me

I want to leave traces of me

Lest you find yourself without me

I leave clues to show you

A part of my heart, and things I feel that you never thought I would feel

I see you questioning and wondering have you chosen well

Sweet dreams heart, we never know, till we know, and this is not a platitude to shut you up, or off, from the seeking out your soul

I want you to find your way, so I leave little bread crumbs, for you.

Come find me.

There’s healing in this land

Photo by MM

There’s healing in this land
Evidence is all around me
I can’t say, there’s a specific spot
This land holds my secrets…
Over by the big tree
I poured out my heart
and my soul, and that willow
she wept with me
There’s healing in this land
There’s a healing inside me
When I moved here I was broken
The pieces of my heart scattered
as the land held me
Time has passed, and I see
…there’s healing in this pond
…there’s healing in my wildflowers
…there’s healing in this field
…there’s healing in the trees
…there’s healing in the sunrises
…there’s healing the sunsets
I wanted you to see…💙
Evidence of healing, all around me
There’s healing in this land🙏🏼 Hallelujah

Photo of my land and thoughts by Micki Michelle Marie…💙