Happy Sunday

When do you think my Pyrénées Mountain dog will want to hang outside with me?? She whined for her fan nap 😴😂🥰 🐾 Happy Sunday! 🐾 I know she’s still an itty bitty baby just 10 wks old…btw she’s afraid of the pool I got her so I’m enjoying it 😂🐾😘💕

Princess Penelope leash training

She provesbhpurs of laughter and fun. 💕🐾

Good morning from my back porch

Princess P and the tree

Alex thought it would be fun to see what she’d do with the branches. 🐾❤️

Meet Princess Penelope

Meet Princess 👑 Penelope. I wasn’t going to get another dog after my beloved Angel crossed rainbow bridge…I happened to be looking at the Tulsa World and I saw this sweet face, Great Pyrenees puppies available. I decided to drive out to the free roaming farm in the boonies. When I got there I was greeted by Princess P’s dad, all 150 pounds of him. I saw her sweet little face hiding behind some flowers 🌸 and I asked what she was doing and the breeder said she knows why you are… Read More

Thankful for Dr. Cash

❤️🐾 Angel had an awesome vet. She did all this for me. That heart on top is my Pa’s ashes. It felt kinda weird keeping people and animals ashes but I’ve changed my mind about it. Feels tender. Dr. Cash said I should share that, so I am. 🐾

Lily heaven

Y’all I’m in lily heaven 💕🧡 The flowers to talk mine would be saying look at me look at me look at me! They make me happy. I starting singing this song.

Front porch sitting

Front porch sitting…this is what I sawstillness was nothing felt at all but outsideBut inside my heart ❤️ front porch sitting is magical to meYou never know what you’re gonna seeCome on back to the front porch 🙏🏼Missing You 🐾❤️

Good morning moon

Good morning moon 🌙💛🧡This is what I saw when I opened my back door just now. 🌙🌙