Tell me about Beauti…MichelleMarie

Whispers and winds, waiting for the next inspiration
I know you never really thought about it
Till now, please tell me about Beauti…
Tell me it’s real, tell me about it MichelleMarie
What do you see?
What do you feel?
Now, that’s it’s real?
It’s over as it begins, do you sink or swin?
I know you never thought about it
Tell me about it MichelleMarie when you can…

Happy Sunday

When do you think my Pyrénées Mountain dog will want to hang outside with me?? She whined for her fan nap 😴😂🥰 🐾 Happy Sunday! 🐾

I know she’s still an itty bitty baby just 10 wks old…btw she’s afraid of the pool I got her so I’m enjoying it 😂🐾😘💕

Aww, y’all look

Sweet little Penelope she’s 11 wos tomorrow

Aww y’all look…she was tired. Maybe I’m too much, and we are still learning each other. She’s the perfect dog for me, she reminds me it’s okay to rest and take naps. 😘🐾💕 I keep forgetting that. 🐾

Itty bitty Penelope. I love her sweet gentle spirit. 💕