A new mini we see

What a sweet little miniature horse. We spotted him instantly.
This has become mine and Alex’s favorite past time going
to see the minis….Hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing minis.
Because we ❤ Mini Horses

This mini is a little bigger than the little black one and a little
more brave.

She’s so sweet, she’s thinking we should get some minis
for the back yard. 😂

Look at this one it literally stood there waiting for me to come pet it. I should have brought baby carrots with me. I noticed this one is losing its winter coat. She’s fuzzy. 💕

My brother Danny’s NWA Guitar EXPO in Rogers, Arkansas

NWA Guitar EXPO in Rogers, Arkansas from 9am to 5pm.
3450 W. Pleasant Grove Rd. Be there!! Get in free if you bring any musical instrument to buy-sell-trade or just show off. $5 entry if you just bring yourself. Rent a table for $75 to display your gear if needed(We have only 2 spaces left) Load in tonight at 8:30 if needed, or you can show up early Saturday Morning to load in.

Let us know ASAP on the 2 spaces left!


If you are in the market for guitars or anything musical go visit my brother in NWA. He’s amazing.

Cuteness overload

Alex took this one. Aww 🥰

Y’all I love these itty bitty horses. My girl and I take a drive to see them every night. Tonight the momma showed him off. 🥰😍

Word Hug #34

Nadia over at @udtherabbithole has the sweetest little daily word hugs with little bunnies on them. I really love her blog and spent some time this morning feeling her sweet bunny hugs! ❤ You know I love bunnies too! ❤ Please visit her blog and see for yourself.

Also I’m turning off the comments so you can direct them to her blog! Have a funny bunny day! ❤


Everything is going to be okay, maybe not today, but eventually xx

💞🐇 with warmth and wishes
Up and Down the Rabbit Hole 🐇💞

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Good Morning Sleepyhead

Good morning sleepyhead
I heard you wrestling in your bed
I wondered did you even sleep a wink

I whispered you our good night song
I thought you even sang along
But I’ve noticed you seem to have lost your tune

So I wondered out on starry night
Sent you kisses oh so bright
Hoping they would grace your weary eyes

Very much to my surprise
The sun did crest with such delight
Good night my sweet love~good night

There are moments

There are moments
Like this when…
I’m caught up in the magic
When the wildflower field
Looks like diamonds
I catch my breath and snap a photo
So you can see it too~ღ~