Splashing some Fall on Y’all

Splashing some Fall on Y’all cause I’m falling too like leaves

Wisconsin Autumn~Inspirations from my Uncle

Wisconsin Autumn

Autumn in Wisconsin~Inspirations from my Uncle

Autumn in Wisconsin~Inspirations from my Uncle

Autumn Leaves~Eva Cassidy

For my sweet friend!

The season of change

The season of change caught me by surprise Usually I see it coming this time I didn’t It stops me still wondering if I forever will always be learning but never coming to the full knowledge of anything?

Fall anticipation, I do

September Remember my Love before Autumn

September Remember my Love before Autumn just after Summer? Your skin still tanned from the sun Your smile remembering makes me smile in September Remember my Love as I remember You! 


I see the Autumn leaves and I am missing I see the Winter snow and I am missing I see the Spring rain and I am missing I see the Summer flowers and I am missing I am always missing missing the piece I never had but I thought I did        

Autumn Dreams