Tuesday evening stormy sky~iPhone photos


I was on my way home it was sleeting and raining…out of the corner of my eye I saw this storm moving fast so I was trying to get home before it hit. Finally I pulled off to the side so I could watch it.
I only had my iPhone so these photos do not show what my eyes beheld. It was magnificent.



10 Comments on “Tuesday evening stormy sky~iPhone photos

    • It is a nice one. I think Jethro Tull lost their mojo in the 80’s, ever since they released that awful album called “A”.
      Sadly, even Queen lost their mojo in their later years


      • Say no to snow! Schools are closed today due to the frigid temperature, and there were many accidents yesterday because of icy roads. The main roads were clear, but the snow blows off the fields and makes driving treacherous. Have a great day. I love you!


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