12 thoughts on “Welcome to Tornado season in Oklahoma 

  1. Hey, thank you. Great image! It doesn look very harmful this way. You really have a whole season of tornados? What they had done in earlier days with the drilling towers?
    Have a nice weekend.(without tornados in the heart) 😉 Michael

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    1. Yes we sure do. Usually during the spring and sometimes in the summer. We live in the middle of the US. The cold air from the north and warm air from the south meet here and when it does it creates a vortex of wind. Sometimes we get down burst of fast moving wind and sometimes they cause tornadoes.
      During the earlier days if the drilling towers they are build and founded to withstand an F5 tornado. There is always some damage sustained when tornadoes blow through. For the first time in history one hit the small town I live in last year. I watched it head right for me. My neighbor and I ran into the house and out the back to watch it go over. It didn’t damage our houses. But we watched it suck up his daughters trampoline. I would rather see it coming and take cover then to sit in the closet waiting for it to hit.
      I have several tornado pics I’ve taken.
      Thank you Michael have a calm weekend too. It’s still raining here. 🤗🌼💛

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      1. Hello Michelle-Marie! Thank you very much for the explaination. It was a good technical work with the drilling towers. I never had known before that tornados such a problem in OK too. Here we have the first days without rain, and we are lucky after the very cold days in the past. 😉 Lets sing in the rain. 😉 I also wish you a calm weekend, and the rain only washes the county for shining brighter in the future. 😉 Michael


      2. Yes let’s do wing in the rain. A coworker said yesterday she felt like running out in the rain and dancing 💃 I loved that. Me too! Except I was at work. When I got home I went outside to watch the storm I stand I. The garage or on my covered porch. I hope your warm weather holds and Spring and Summer get there soon. It’s been a long winter for you all. I agree about the bright and shiny future I like your spirit. 🌼🤗💛

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      3. Thanks a lot! Yes, think till the mid of August the warm weather will stay, then we went back to “bavarian siberia”. Watching the rain is great, but only “watching”. 😉 A little joke by image: A tool also regularely in use here, but nearly from the time your dad was in Germany 😉 OMG, we are really behind the moon 😉 The image is from the official waste water sanitizing project (not from the museum 😉
        At that time it was even worse. 😉
        If the Russians had attacked us, they would have had no joy with this area. I regret the GI’s stationed in Grafenwöhr (about 50 km from here). [hahaha] 😉 Michael


      4. Oh my hard to believe anything was able to be produced with this machine isn’t it? Wow. I’m thankful Germany is changing and evolving. I like that photo very much!
        Let me share our Waterworld mag. Also you can find Industrial Waterworld and Water & Wastewater Int’l http://www.waterworld.com
        My assistant is senior art director on this set of magazines. I really love his designs. You might find something interesting there. 🙂
        It’s kind of scary to think of the Russians attacking. Their armies are so big. I’m thankful it is a more peaceful time aren’t you? 🙂


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