Watching storms today

There is a different kind of storm rolling in~Wordless Wednesday

Storm moving quick directly over me 6:40 a.m.

See the sun still trying to come out at the bottom. By this time the clouds are completely over me. BTW it is 21º! Brrrr

Storm clouds looking South 6:35 a.m.

I need to learn how to do a time lapse so you can see how fast this happens. It is fascinating to me!!! What an awesome Friday morning. I love waking up to sky shows!  

There’s a storm coming~6:15 a.m. Looking SW out back

See the clouds moving over the spot where I shoot the sunrises? In a matter of minutes it was completely covered with clouds. I live on the plains of Oklahoma and have a perfect view of the storms. I love to watch them roll. I stand out in the field and am amazed how fast the clouds change my sky from sunshine to blue!

Sky Bling

I looked back toward town and it looked like Sky Bling-like fire

Autumn storms in Oklahoma

Autumn storms in Oklahoma~ I love close to the Kansas border in Oklahoma~smack dab in the center of Tornado alley. You never know what will blow in next. I sit outside and watch the storms come and go. This morning the temp. was 77º. Today we will finish with high 40º’s.

To catch a glimpse of you

There’s some glory in this land