Moments like this

Moments like this 💙 stop me

LOVE themed art my gift to you

LOVE themed art in honor of February LOVE month! Maybe you need some art please feel free to use it! ღ

Some Valentines for You

Over the years I’ve created a lot of Valentine themed art. I wanted to share it with you and offer it as a gift from my heart to yours! Please use if you feel so inclined to do so! Happy Heart Day~ღ~Happy Year!

Friday blessings

Friday blessings to you 

Being peace to every corner of my mind

Please bring peace to every corner of my mind~Amen

My Prayer Garden

My prayer garden…love is lifting you from sorrow! We are holding a prayer for you.

pink rose

Originally posted on Paul Militaru:
Paul I want you to know that I appreciate every single photo you post. I love them. Never stop doing what you do so beautifully! Focus on the heart and your message and the other fades away! ❤ Paul Militaru View original post