Some may say I’m nuts…

Some may say I’m nuts about nuts but. . . I’m Gathering my winter stash art by MichelleMarie

I wish for you

I wish for you…Hugs that feed you soul Kisses that leave you breathless Love the reminds you who you are Above all this… i wish you joy Find your joy

A little bit of fall

A little bit of fall just in case you are wondering if I’m still here…I am just more contemplative about higher things! A little bit of fall


Not only do I love autumn colors but I love the word AUTUMN. I think of squirrels and leaves falling. My favorite time of year.

There is a peaceful hush

There is a peaceful hush That comes over me Watching Bees buzz & Butterflies flit & dance While Angel Chases them & smells for Bunnies All seems so peaceful At this very moment Watching Bees buzz & Butterflies flit & dance

Autumn Dreams…Call me…still

It was Autumn Dreams You left us in the Fall I sit beside the lake Thinking of you still Knowing you are never really gone I feel you everywhere Mostly when Autumn Comes calling me Still    

Autumn Dreams…In Blue

Autumn Dreams in Blue Brings smiles and thoughts of you

Autumn Dreams…or so it seems

Autumn Dreams or so it seems Sunrise and Sunset rise and fall Earlier as Summer waves goodbye