Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

Be Authentically…Uniquely You

Be Authentically…Uniquely You~Anything else is tiring to the soul~MichelleMarie

Beautiful sunset tonight


Sometimes when it rains and fall-ish weather falls

Sometimes when it rains and Fall-ish weather falls I see a glimpse of Winter I welcome it all and Sometimes when it rains I fall art by MichelleMarie

Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes there are no words Between you and me and this…thing That keeps us going on and on art by MichelleMarie

We planned your columns…2 x 3

But we did not plan…Your ruin Such as life we never plan the thing that brings about our ruin however… We rise again taller and much more strong and so very wise…I love that part. art by MichelleMarie

Visit from my little friend

Happy Friday

~~~~~~~~~~~~~đŸ§¡~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~đŸ§¡~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good morning

Good morning. đŸ§¡

Quiet weekend

Just finished cooking Angel and I a late lunch. We’ve been hanging outside watching the butterflies and moths visiting my flowers. So far 2 Monarchs and one yellow butterfly đŸ¦‹ Check out these leaves We have a mole…. Read More

A Time to Rest by Maria Shriver

From “I’ve Been Thinking” p. 181-185 I find these little gems from her book so helpful and timely in my life. Remembering to rest is something I used to struggle with and now I find myself seeking resting… Read More

A frosty 37°

Happy Wednesday đŸ’›đŸ§¡

Beautiful visitor

My butterfly bushes are blooming again. đŸ’œđŸ¦‹