If you’re reading this

If you are reading this… Please know… I am thankful for you


Such as life

I’ve noticed parts, some parts blow away and sometimes something new takes its place. Such as life.

I bless you with the Love of God

I bless you with the
Love of God
which I would share
with you for that I would
learn the joyous lesson
that there is no love but
God’s and your’s and mine
and everyone’s
From A Course in Miracles
via Marianne Williamson

I found this prayer so helpful I wanted to share it with you.
Instead of trying to let things go I give them to God and it frees me up to do whatever it is I’m here to do. Amen

Hello ❣ Hoppy Easter ❣ Hoppy Day

Hello ❣ It’s hard to not get into the Easter spirit when you send me flowers
and all this fluffy stuff. So I put on my Easter hat just for you! ❣
Thank you ❣


I just remembered last year I did an entire series for Patches…below is the art.

We all have patches
Some you can see
Some you can’t
Patches on my ear
Patches on my heart
WE all have Patches
Time to mend
Until then just call
me Patches

Patches N Bizzie Bunny getting ready for Easter! 

Patches here…
If you can’t see me it’s probably because
I’m hiding in this flower.
I like to nibble on the stems
they are very tasty…
Which got me to thinking about
pondering things and my thoughts
Sometimes we ought to stop that. 🙂

Patches here…David showed up to help decorate baskets
he seems to like a lot of foofy stuff. Which got me to thinking
foof, what is foof? Well my mom used to say it’s the
extraneous superfluous things we throw in to make
others think we are smarter than we really are. After
I looked up extraneous and superfluous I realized I wouldn’t
be all foofy in life. NO FOOF here. The FOOF stops here
with me Patches that’s my name, cause I have patches! ~ღ~

Today Puffy showed up to help me get eggs ready for Easter. He’s a Teddy Race bunny and so small he kept playing in the eggs…so we decided to just hang out under this purple flower.