A quiet hush…Good morning wish whispers

There’s a quiet hush over this land Little white flowers carry Good morning wish whispers On a sweet Summer breeze

Lavender skies and pink clouds

Lavender sky and pink clouds, we float like a prayer in dawn’s beautiful gentle grace~ღ~

Before this day dawned

~ღ~ Before this day dawned, I sent out a prayer for you ~ღ~

The Sunshine Blogger award-from Watt

Watt over at Piers of Beauty and Gaze nominated me for ✿The Sunshine Blogger award.✿ I hope I’m doing this right. ☺ Here are the questions Watt requested we answer: What is one thing that separates you from all your screw ups, almost immediately? My kindness and my laugh. I laugh very loud. I love to laugh and if you know me well you know I like to laugh at myself because I do some really goofy funny things.   How much do you love people? Other people, people that you believe… Read More

Good Morning Sleepyhead

Good morning sleepyhead I heard you wrestling in your bed I wondered did you even sleep a wink I whispered you our good night song I thought you even sang along But I’ve noticed you seem to have lost your tune So I wondered out on starry night Sent you kisses oh so bright Hoping they would grace your weary eyes Very much to my surprise The sun did crest with such delight Good night my sweet love~good night

There are moments

There are moments Like this when… I’m caught up in the magic When the wildflower field Looks like diamonds I catch my breath and snap a photo So you can see it too~ღ~

When the storms have passed

When the storms have passed Though flood waters surround us still We see things in a different light We are ever changed

Happy Friday Yay

Happy Friday Sweet Friends.~♡~

Happy Sunday to You

I was going to sleep in today till I saw this. I have noticed with the time change I am missing the sunrises out my back door. Have a wonderful Sunday.