Inspiration from my Uncle

Stunning sunset from my sweet Uncle Gunn in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin Sunrise Inspiration from my Uncle

I love when inspiration come from all areas of my life! This is from my sweet Uncle Gunn. He’s always sending me photos of his beautiful Wisconsin sky and his fun backyard friends.  

Wild turkeys from my Uncle Gunn

I love these photos and how much fun my Uncle Gunn has spotting all the critters that come to his back door. ❤

There’s a difference between talking about peace and being it

There’s a difference between talking about peace and being it–Laurie  Photo by Uncle Gunn

Inspiration from my Uncle~Wisconsin in the Fall

My sweet Uncle Gunn sent this to me last year. I believe it’s one of my favorite photos he’s sent me. I was looking at it in my iPhoto library and would be believe he text me right as I was looking at this? We think a lot alike, those that love us, they just know when. I love that ❤