13 thoughts on “Still

  1. A very nice, soothing mood. Think i will print it, and put it in front of the window. (We had rain all the day.)
    Hey, if you look at paintdigi.com you will see some images of Finlands lakes. 😉 Wish you a nice weekend! Michael

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    1. Oh wow I like that idea. I just printed one and hung it in my office too! I love hanging photos that remind me of outside! Oh my yes Finland has the most amazing sunsets and lake shots. I follow some Finnish photographers on my Instagram! Wishing you a nice weekend too Michael! Hope you get some rest! 😀

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      1. Hi! Oh, yes, i will rest. The weather isnt so sunny as it should be.In view of the upcoming renovation of our house, I am seriously thinking about installing a kind of “holosuite” here. 😉


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