Could be Slenderman?

My nephew Ezra is fascinated with Slenderman. Every time he visits, we go out to the woods behind the house he always asks me if Slenderman is out there. I have to tell him I think I spotted him! 😉 WINK


11 Comments on “Could be Slenderman?

    • I love that so much. Their imaginations are so amazing. He loves to make up stories about Slender an living in the woods behind my house. So funny to me. I love that your Michael dressed up like Peter Pan. My brother used to dress up like Underdog. My mom made his a cut out doll and a cape. My Pa said he drew the line when he caught Danny on top of the house. He was and still is a daredevil. Haha oh the joys of childhood. 😂😂😂your comment made me smile! 🌼💛 Have a beautiful day sweet Robbie! 🤗🤗


  1. Yes, it looks like Slenderman !!! so why don’t you go to see the real Slenderman together with Ezra, could be a miracle for you and Ezra too !!! ❤ ❤ ❤


    • 😀 😀 I love that. I think Ezra is a little chicken about this! 🙂 ❤ I told him there no such thing as Slenderman. He's got a wild imagination! I love that Paul! ❤


    • ❤ it is Paul. I was thinking it looks like Slenderman? What do you think? I'll have to ask Ezra next time we are out there! <3. I read that this Slenderman is from a game he plays called Minecraft! Amazing how photos can look like something you have seen or imagined! This image from Wikipedia


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