9 thoughts on “And my soul saw you and it kind of went, “oh there you are”

      1. Expected it later, but it showed up early and brought cold and ice with it. Thankfully we spread urea and sand early enough to have access for neighbors and ourselves. Main road was good, but we’re a bit from there, we love Privacy and only invited visitors on our lake and neighborhood. I built an access road for our fourwheelers, but cars and our Bus can only use it when it’s dry. I found that out when I tried it after a rain, was taking the “short cut” Became a long winching episode, and much laughter from my Clan. Father doesn’t always know best.))))))))))))))))))

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      2. I think because there is so much beyond our control, we grasp and fail trying to control just a little bit more instead of just accepting reality????? Then again, we are all imperfect beings who wish we were more perfect. Happiness doesn’t come from perfection, it comes from accepting imperfection with a compassionate and loving heart.


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