Tom girl loves Porcelain dolls


I grew up a tom girl, I don’t like the word tom boy. I never owned a doll before! When I got older I fell in love with the face on this sweet doll. I love the fine hair, real eyes lashes and of course the dresses. I didn’t know where this love for dolls came from but I know that it’s part of my inner me that I don’t share with anyone so what you are about to see is my private collection of fine dolls. I had them packed away and today I thought what would I like to see every day? It is this face I love the sweet faces on these beautiful dolls!




This is a sweet Bling baby doll. I never had a baby doll as a little girl. When I first opened this as a gift I remember thinking, “oh wow if I was a little girl this is the baby doll I would want” she’s made of fine porcelain and is imported from Germany! I love this one. Some how I started hanging beads and things around her so this is what she looks like! This is my Bling Baby Doll! ღ


My Pa got this for BB when she was little but really it was for me. I thought it was funny because I loved every part of her. So she went into the display case and then when I moved I boxed her up and just took her out today! She is dressed in a fine tribal costume and I love her so much! She makes me smile with her bright eyes. ღ


Another Indian doll from my Pa. Her hair and eyelashes are real not painted on! Her costume is a replica of the PowWow Dancing outfits worn at the PowWows. I love her little feather headband. She also has  a little tent with a pillow and blanket. ღ


I put them together so you can see how sweet they are! I love them they are so cute and their little outfit interchange if I want but I love this like this! ღ


This dolls looks like my sister. I bought her for that reason and also the clothes she is wearing matched the outfit BB wore to my sister’s wedding! I love this doll when I look at her she reminds me of my sweet baby sister Nicole. ღ




I love the hair on this doll and her eyes. She’s so precious! I also love the outfit. She’s one I never take down. I love to look at her. Her hair is curlie like mine and I love that about there! ღ



This one is as you can see a Fairytale Treasure doll! I bought this one for BB and never took her out of the box. I noticed today that the box got smashed so I’m trying to decide should I take her out? ღ NO I like her like this! ღ

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