It’s never too late to be what you should have been

It’s never too late to be what you should have been

Some people aren’t loyal to you…

Be AWARE of these PEOPLE, but don’t BE those PEOPLE. AND yes LOVE these people because LOVE never fails. 💖 but don’t expect them to be what they cannot. Thanks for the heads up @shelleygiglio Lisa Bevere I saw this on Facebook and I loved it immediately. I learned this one the hard way.  Guard your heart it’s the wellspring of life!  Sometimes these people can be family members. I’ll never forget what Bling said to me,  “Bling never let anyone hurt you twice.”  She’s right, I never do. I simply have… Read More

Postale carde from Paris for Bling via me Oui’ Oui’

      To Bling, With Love from my  Imaginations of  Paris in my Oklahoma Mind. Thank you!  Love, Bling ❤️

IL ‘est charmant… Bling writing project

il est charmant—He is charming. He is my white knight in blue jeans she told me, and I believe her. He calms me when the storms of life surround me, He tells me everything will be okay! Even in death we are not separated because I carry him inside my heart everywhere I go. I hear his voice whisper quietly laughing at what a mess I’ve made, as I scream for justice and take my stand. Still he stands behind me like the old oak tree we planted when our love was… Read More

To Bling from Baby Bling

   Bling BB saw this and said Bling would love this. We asked how much,  it was $1200.00. It was an original Laura someone something….I really didn’t listen after she said $1200.00. 💟 So this is as close as we come to gifting this to you.  We Love Bling⭐️✨🌟

Celebrate you Bling Happy Blingtastic Day!

Celebrate you Bling Happy Blingtastic Day! 

Dried roses with You~Blingspiration

Once they start falling, the petals on my roses I dry them so I can always hold them. Surrounded by my Blingspirations from Bling! Hi Bling!

Letting Go~Wordless Wednesday


All was found but nothing-Bling writing project

I forgot who I was without all this stuff around me to cling to. So much of who I believed myself to be was wrapped up in this stuff,  this house, this town, all the starting over. Memories packed in boxes as if they would keep me from seeing the real truth. Boxed up maybe to avoid seeing they were nothing but chaff on the trashing floor of my life. And now they were “kindling,” fire the fire chief said. This silly old book was all that was left and it too… Read More