Finest Porcelain baby doll


I fell in love with this sweet face! So I made her mine! I remember leaving the store after I asked how many they had and was told only one! She’s an original and each piece is handmade including her dress. I didn’t make it to the car and left with her!








I love this dress.


I ❤ Porcelain Dolls


5 thoughts on “Finest Porcelain baby doll

  1. Ooohhhh. She speaks to me. I had one so much like her at one time, and my daughter gave her away while helping me move to this apartment. My entire porcelain collection of dolls and angels, most of them gifts from my Hospice patients families after the death of my patient. I still mourn my collection, and have promised my daughter she will inherit my ashes when I am cremated — hopefully only after death, of course.


  2. Reminds me of a friend of mother, a nut case, saying jokingly. Anywho over the years collected
    dolls like those you posted. Were rare, worth a good bit. Forget just how much but when she told me I considered doll-napping. God wish I could remember things better. One day ma’s friend went somewhere with 4 of her dolls placed in front seat beside her. Thought later the hell not in some sort box. Clearly didn’t have originals.

    Told you she is a nutty. lol Driving along a cop pulls her over. Was hard to tell but from a distance looked as three year old kids in with her.Walks to her window and ma’am its dangerous to having children in front seat like that. He didn’t even bother looking over. She yes officer but before could finish. He looked closer and saw they were dolls. Friend said he got a look on his face well you can imagine. Turns said ma’am drive safely, walks back his car. True story, live in a town don’t know maybe thirteen thousand people. The county newspaper had a short piece on it. lol She cut in out put it somewhere, can get her to see it again if I wanted. lol


    1. Thanks, after writing that got to thinking reading similar happened in texas,. but no clue the cops reaction there. Just know what happened here with mothers friend. I have joked with her several times make sure use seat belts. And baby seat for the back seat. 🙂


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