22 thoughts on “Let’s make tracks in the snow Inspiration from my Uncle

      1. We are supposed to be getting snow this week. I hope so. It has been too warm for winter and hasn’t cleared the bugs away


      2. A I know it. I think we’re so used to sickness and the other shoe dropping that I live with a heightened state of emergency always waiting for the phone to ring! Last night her friend from high school came into town and took her to dinner. She was so excited about it. I’m happy her friends are there for her! Like you are for me. I love your kindness you’ve always been so kind A and a good friend no matter how long we go without talking it like no time has passed. That’s a true friend! 😄

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      3. I’m never far away 🙂 I am so glad some of her friends turned up. So nice for her to have them there. Wish I could be closer and we could go get away from it all for a drink as well lol.


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