The sweetest thing…KK

Today was the sweetest thing. The Mockingbirds spotted KK in the window and landed right in front of her in the rose bush outside, they made their warning sounds. She was so excited to see them. I think the babies are here. Now she’s laying on my bed waiting for them to come back. I feel the same way about them 😂😻💚

Alex’s Kitty Kat, aka KK. I think she likes me 😻💚I love her green eyes. 💚



15 thoughts on “The sweetest thing…KK

  1. Our cats can watch the birds outside the window for an eternity. Mockingbirds are aggressive – one nipped my ear for venturing too close to his tree! I guess I would do the same thing if I were him.

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    1. Dude… I’m not a cat person. So this whole missing my dog of 16 year feeling is crazy because my cat KK tries but she’s not my best friend like Angel was…so I’m freakin’ sad and melancholy still chasing wildflowers and being my awesome self but missing my friends who went away like you. I’m kinda done…really

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    1. Hey there sweet friend. I looked for you here. I hope you are okay. Too long, I was thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. I trust being your deeper self. xxx


    1. I should hope with all our history here I would get more than a heart Paul. This is why I don’t come here much. I don’t always have pristine photos like you but I’m real. Quit thinking about yourself.


    1. I wanted to share so much more but I didn’t. I’m missing my dog Angel of 16 years. Dr. Cash is my dear friend. I told them when they sent all their cards that I don’t have many words to express how much I miss that dog. I keep finding myself thinking oh I need to do this or that for Angel then I realize she’s not here. I’ll never have another pet. This is my first non busy weekend. I sent Alex pics of the walls because they are colored by Angels presence so I’m thinking it’s okay if they stay like this! Thank you Tim for being you! 🙂

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