Baby mocking bird

Just outside my bedroom window this little baby is learning to fly. The momma and dad have been keeping watch swooping down at anything that draws near, including me. 😂

10 thoughts on “Baby mocking bird

    1. Hi Holly you are right. I keep looking out my window. I noticed it was trying it’s wings yesterday. I was worried about it lol the dad is the most aggressive but the mom is brave and flaps her wings in my face 😂

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  1. Birds can be aggressive about their little ones. I’m happy the owlets’ parents didn’t go after us for gawking at their little ones. They just silently flew in and landed in the trees behind us and watched. We’d turn around and there would be mama owl looking at us.

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    1. Oh my gosh yes. Same here they literally do the same thing. This is the only way I could see the babies was through my window lol. Owls are bigger so I would think twice for sure to peek lol this time of year is full of adventure 😂😂😂

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