Baby don’t you realize…

Baby don’t you realize

I can change the color of the sky?

I don’t even have to try…

I don’t know why

I’m just magic that way. MM

13 thoughts on “Baby don’t you realize…

  1. I love the though of you being “magic that way”. However, the “Magic” has been lost in markers. Laurie put “Magic Markers” on the supplies list for her middle school students, and parents emailed her to ask what Magic Markers are? Whoa. We looked for Magic Markers on line to send them a link, and mostly found “Washable Markers”. There are some Bic Magic Markers that are dry erase, but for the most part makers aren’t magic anymore – they are washable. Kind of makes me sad to think that the magic has been lost.


    1. Oh me too and have you seen the journals you can microwave and it wipes the words away? That’s so sad to me too! I love magic markers. I just used them last night on my coloring project. I think maybe all of us that still believe in our gifts and magic can teach the youngers 😀 geez that makes me sound old…olders! :O

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      1. We found it an interesting linguistic and cultural geography topic to consider when Magic Marker ceased being a generic term for felt tipped markers. It certainly shows our age.

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      2. I was just thinking that. I think the artist in us stands up and says color that sky orange or red whatever color you choose. Lol even if it doesn’t make sense or follow the coloring rules 😂😂😂

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      3. Thank you for asking… today I took her back to the Dean McGee Eye Institute and her doctor says he thinks she may regain her sight in the right eye because the nerve isn’t thin. Her left eye has improve so so much and he said it seems she’s healing slower. Alex was upset because he said there wasn’t anything he could do but wait. Her body seems to be recovering on its own. Today was a rough day. I really wanted her to believe in the magic and dreams she had when she was young. Mine came true in her so I think this life plan is so much bigger than we know. Thank you Tim for asking. 🙏🏼🦋💜

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      4. I keep both of you in my prayers. Waiting is so so difficult, and healing can seem like an eternity. I am so out of shape and have lost so much strength from all the treatments I had. Conditioning and strength just don’t seem to be coming back no matter what I do. It’s so frustrating. I really feel for Alex stuck in the abyss, waiting and waiting. But you know what? Miracles do happen even if they are small and go mostly unnoticed.

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      5. I totally know what you mean. I feel much like this recovering from my injury to my back. I’m not the same physical wise. I think that takes a toll on you when you can’t do the things you used to do. That abyss does have some light I believe it even if we have to color ourselves a miracle. I think maybe that is part of the magic is believing we can, so we do. Let’s get our magic markers out. I do believe miracles start small 😁 thank you so much for sharing Tim 🦋💜

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