Today’s visitor another sweet butterfly

Today’s visitor was black with yellowish orange with blue dots. I was going to leave without a photo but she kept staying. 🦋 If you know me well you know how excited I get when they show up I can barely hold still. I ran to get my camera and she stayed for me before she headed off to see my Florida friends 😂🦋 Hi thanks to my other butterfly friend, I’m in butterfly 🦋 heaven. 😘

7 Comments on “Today’s visitor another sweet butterfly

  1. I have seen one of these in a butterfly house it wanted to land on my face … most peculiar. How wonderful to just have them and you take such wonderful pictures.

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    • You are so sweet thank you so much! I’m really shocked that my last butterfly bush is so so big. I cut back my butterfly tree and rose bushes and boom there it is. Calling all butterflies 😀 I think their gentleness is calling me to be still and it’s hard for me. Sigh! xoxo


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