Shut thee up…Stop

Shut thee up…if you know me well I joke a lot about how I need to Shut the up. Out of shear exhaustion I released some of my “well thought out advice” and I should have Shut thee up. Have you ever noticed those words spiral out of control and the affect the have on each person they touch?  All of us hear and perceive things based out on our own personal experience

  • One could respond in anger and lash out. 
  • Another could respond in being hurt.
  • Me…I just wanted to take them all back. 

My Pa always said there’s two things you can’t take back, words and bullets. Sometimes both have the same affect. But on the other hand it always so hard to know when to Shut thee up…for me anyway, hence my doodle before bed last night. 😄

Lesson learned I hope!!!