23 thoughts on “Sometimes I Doodle Dream

  1. I second that emotion. I also wish I could doodle like this. Mine tend to look more like stick people, so I think I’ll have to try a bit harder. Pick up the phone Pink Angel Friend. Hugs, A.


      1. I’ve been using color therapy also lately. I have to buy the books though, because my doodles tend more toward stick people, and they aren’t all that relaxing. Love the mandalas and zen pics. And bright colors.

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      2. Me too. I’ve always loved to do that. I have a site I use to design for templates and color palettes. That’s what for me started was I needed to branch out for my job and explore new things. Yay for you and exploring new mediums. 💜💚💙

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      3. Oh, I’ve always tried out everything I see, mainly to see if I’ll enjoy it, but also because of curiosity. Love dying paper, and continue trying out new ways to dye the paper with natural means, while making it look pretty at the same time. Not as much now as back in the day, but so many wonderful things out there that are useful for dyeing paper, fabric or whatever medium you want/need. I don’t do the paper making any longer but still love to make vegetable dyes for ink. Just can’t remember how to get the vibrancy I once did, or maybe it’s the processed stuff I work with now. Not as much fun as walking around the farm and picking up my own “dye” from the things I see growing there.
        Back to the coloring board for me now.
        Love and HUGZ from KY. Angie


      4. Took longer than I thought to get back. The weather we are having is killing my bones and joints.
        We should start our own little thing here for people who love to color. I’ve done some of them at one time, and others are begun, put aside to consider, then gone back to when I reach my decision. Ya just wouldn’t realize the nuances in shading, and how much or little is needed unless you try each one first. It’s the best therapy I’ve tried–no pain while I’m doing that.


      5. It was great while it lasted, but all good things seem to end. I’m now at the inner circle of an MS relapse and bones and joints are the least problem now. I think I shut my site. down just in time because it’s more than I can handle now. Heading back to my nest now for rest and hopefully revitalizing if that wll happen.
        Love and HUGZ,


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