Tick boots & wildflowers

Your boots

I wear your boots when I see wildflowers blowing in the field and they need my attention.
Today I put on your boots, I love that you wore them and left them behind as a memory of your presence. ❤️

I love you and wildflowers because you are my wildflower baby girl. 😘

Oklahoma wildflower Indian Paintbrush ❤️

To my broken tribe…Lost in sadness

Broken Tribe art by MichelleMarie

“Why am I so sad,” she asked?
This is to my broken tribe of loved ones, those I hold dear, those I sit with as they cry~with no answers but to offer a word of comfort. What do you say to the broken one who comes from years of emotional abuse? What do you say to the one who has been suddenly left without a trace of love? What do you say to her when her beloved dies, leaving them to pick up the pieces? How do you help someone that is lost in sadness? Lost in the past and the memories and thoughts that play over and over in her mind, tormenting her soul? I’m not sure if there is anything I can say to make it better. All I know to do is tarry with you as you find your way back to wholeness. Someone did this for me and I’m forever grateful she reached out her hand and held this beautiful space of healing for me. 

To my broken tribe of sweet sad hearts, I offer my hand and this space to you. I’m here, you know how to find me. 

Rainbow bridge and bunnies like Mona

Hey Paul I was thinking about you and Mona and how much you love dancing and all that we experience in our lives. Don’t we just want another dance? I feel like that. I hope you know I’m here.

I truly believe this Paul with all my heart Mona is waiting for you. It’s such a beautiful thought to think that those we love will be waiting when we cross that bridge in life to spirit. I feel her now and always will she lives on through you and that’s a beautiful feeling Paul. I hope you hear my heart. ❤


Something for You

I don’t mean beautiful in looks but beautiful
inside your heart & soul. I heard you loud and
clear and realized there wasn’t anything
I could do to help you but to send these quotes
I made back in 2013.

Feelings are fickle and sometimes we need to sleep and wake up
renewed and refreshed. Be proud of yourself and thank your body
for getting you this far in the journey. Today was just a day,
nothing more nothing less. Just a day. Tomorrow is another day
and things always look different in the morning.

I always believe in good things…even if the only good thing was
awesome coffee I’m thankful for that one simple thing. Go outside
and look at a tree, I mean really look at it. Maybe get outside
yourself and your own thoughts and mind because if you stay there,
they will drive you crazy, if you let them. So please hear my heart on
this…life is good, so very good. You are part of my life and you are good
and loved and You Matter To Me.