Good morning lovely’s

Look what was waiting for me to say good morning. ☀️ my lilies are smiling at me today. I thought I would share it. 🤩


Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 Paul.

I hope you have a special day. 💜❤

I see patterns in colors and pieces

I see
patterns in
colors and pieces
I like to put them
I’ve always loved to
do this it… it brings
me great joy MichelleMarie

Love gives you eyes that cannot see…

Love gives you eyes that cannot see
Love gives you words that cannot speak
I’ve been waiting all this time
I know you’re still waiting N O W
while you watch my world spinning round
We have to wait around to see…
I feel that’s how love is
We wait round to see
As the world keeps spinning round…
Love give you eyes that cannot see…


Inspired by the song :Waiting Around: by Aisha Badru. I had to go back and look for it. I love to listen to music when I design. I forgot to add this to the original post!