Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

A Gift for You to Give

I thought you might like to give a card to a friend so I made this for you. If you right click on your mouse or hold down on the image on your phone, I’ve made it easy… Read More

A Time to Rest by Maria Shriver

From “I’ve Been Thinking” p. 181-185 I find these little gems from her book so helpful and timely in my life. Remembering to rest is something I used to struggle with and now I find myself seeking resting… Read More

Ode’ to You

Ode’ to You Someone said you love Yellow Finches… then I saw one Someone said that Yellow butterflies show up when a loved one has passed as a sign we will see them again then I saw one,… Read More

Good morning lovely’s

Look what was waiting for me to say good morning. ☀️ my lilies are smiling at me today. I thought I would share it. 🤩

Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 Paul. I hope you have a special day. 💜❤

baby don’t forget you love me

baby don’t forget you love me he loves me so he loves me so

SOMETIMES…you have to make your own magic

SOMETIMES…you have to make your own magic…MM

flowers are blooming • • •

flowers are blooming • • • birds are singing • • • spring is ringing

I see patterns in colors and pieces

I see patterns in colors and pieces I like to put them together… I’ve always loved to do this it… it brings me great joy MichelleMarie

Love gives you eyes that cannot see…

Love gives you eyes that cannot see Love gives you words that cannot speak I’ve been waiting all this time I know you’re still waiting N O W while you watch my world spinning round We have to… Read More

I come…to the River

This is the pond behind my house…this song was playing in my soul…  

The world…Through your eyes…