Something for You

I don’t mean beautiful in looks but beautiful
inside your heart & soul. I heard you loud and
clear and realized there wasn’t anything
I could do to help you but to send these quotes
I made back in 2013.

Feelings are fickle and sometimes we need to sleep and wake up
renewed and refreshed. Be proud of yourself and thank your body
for getting you this far in the journey. Today was just a day,
nothing more nothing less. Just a day. Tomorrow is another day
and things always look different in the morning.

I always believe in good things…even if the only good thing was
awesome coffee I’m thankful for that one simple thing. Go outside
and look at a tree, I mean really look at it. Maybe get outside
yourself and your own thoughts and mind because if you stay there,
they will drive you crazy, if you let them. So please hear my heart on
this…life is good, so very good. You are part of my life and you are good
and loved and You Matter To Me.

12 thoughts on “Something for You

  1. This is so lovely! I think it’s all about how we look at things. We can always find blessings in our days no matter how difficult the day gets. We just need to really look into it to find the blessings that we’ve failed to notice. Good things are everywhere ♥️😊

    Have a nice day!

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