She lent me her wings

Over here please follow
You see the tree of hush
Is where the fairy wings grow
Please try them you simply must

Oh no, I said to her
I simply cannot fly
I know you won’t believe me
So let’s not even try

She wasn’t having any
Of my words to stop her there
She plucked from the hush tree
This beautiful blue pair

I can’t fly I said, I just can’t
I’ve tried so very long
I began to realize, and I think
I don’t belong

With a little twinkle of her eyes
I arose up in the air
Now you’re flying, she laughed without a care

Remember to not look down
When you see the hush tree
Do not make a sound
Fairy wings grow there 😉

For my sweet Pink friend Jeanne Marie.

December Rose

To my friend Jeanne Marie-December Rose. ❤



Sweetly played the soft repose
The November day December rose
Awakened from her slumber life
She looked upon that man of strife
She kindly bid him thinking
If that man would just stop thinking
Then I could leave without goodbye
December hugged herself up tight
She tried she did with all her might
To say the words pushed down just right
She choked them out and wiped her tears
She held them closely even feared
The Mister with that fist of words
She backed out once, then twice
Standing in the door she and softly
Was no more the wife of the mister man
To herself softly she said I think I can
Remembering the girl December rose
Who sang so softly this sweet repose
December Rose is her name
I call her Pinky

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