When every day feels like Saturday

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is. Sorrow knows no day of the week, nor no season. I’m shifting and transforming and it’s okay and then 5 mins later it’s not okay.

I start my days with a prayer which goes something like this…




Then I watch this video and dance a little. Because somewhere along the way I forgot my dance and my song.

Then I go to the gym and walk listening to Marianne Williamson and I pray a lot.  I’ve bought this sweet little book by Maria Shriver…she ends each share with a prayer which reminds me of my heart friend Laurie @ lauriesnotes.com



I’m thinking today I might strike out on my own and publish books for those who are deeper and not looking to be famous but to really help people, like my friend Laurie. Who knows I’m am free, on a long long, paid vacation. That’s really sweet to me.


I’m listening to Eva Cassidy. Bridge over troubled water. God is my bridge and I’m so thankful for those that show up and help calm the storms inside my soul. Amen

Out of emptiness…from Laurie

I needed a prayer card to hold from Laurie and this is what was next. 

Out of emptiness comes the return of the fire – a bit of danger and destruction, the transformation of grief into treasured tenderness, immense compassion and love. Amen

I feel like she helps us all remember to go deeper to the core of what’s right here already! So thankful for her! 

I bet you didn’t know…I’m forever blue


I bet you didn’t know…I’m Forever Blue?
I keep falling and tumbling in blue
Trying to break free
But it pulls me under
Tries to cover my soul
The depth of my hurt
Rips me apart
I’m tattooed Forever Blue
Can you help me part?

Yes Yes I can
Let me introduce you
To my heart friend
Together we will hold you
Till Forever Blue is a good thing
and Forever Blue is a tender love
For Yourself

I am a miracle



I was listening to Joel Osteen this morning and his message reminded me of a prayer Laurie shared with me so I feel to share it!

The cool part about this little powerful prayer is that you can replace the word Miracle with Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Calm…whatever it is you need at the moment.

Amen! Thank you Laurie for your prayers and all you share! They always lift me up! ❤

All That Surrounds

Laurie’s quiet prayers and words have blessed my heart and life with much healing and a heart friend’ 💟


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Laurie's Notes

I wondered what

I could possibly be

if I wasn’t all that appeared

on the surface.

And then it occurred to me

that I would be

all that surrounds —

all that is most pure.

I would be

the gentle embrace

of love.

And I would be


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Just In Case We Forget–from Laurie

Just In Case We Forget

As we move

through this life,

let us remember

we are okay

always —

without exception —

no matter what.

Just in case

we forget —


What a beautiful prayer from Laurie’s Quiet prayers. Quiet prayers are easy to miss when life yells at you. However, my heart always looks for that quiet place to land! I need this quiet place!