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When every day feels like Saturday

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is. Sorrow knows no day of the week, nor no season. I’m shifting and transforming and it’s okay and then 5 mins later it’s not okay. I start my… Read More

Out of emptiness…from Laurie

I needed a prayer card to hold from Laurie and this is what was next.  Out of emptiness comes the return of the fire – a bit of danger and destruction, the transformation of grief into treasured tenderness,… Read More

There’s a difference between talking about peace and being it

There’s a difference between talking about peace and being it–Laurie  Photo by Uncle Gunn

I am a miracle

  I was listening to Joel Osteen this morning and his message reminded me of a prayer Laurie shared with me so I feel to share it! The cool part about this little powerful prayer is that you… Read More

Healing Touch

   This reminds me of my healing friend.   

Letting Go~Wordless Wednesday


All That Surrounds

Originally posted on Transformation into Tenderness:
I wondered what I could possibly be if I wasn’t all that appeared on the surface. And then it occurred to me that I would be all that surrounds — all that…

Just In Case We Forget–from Laurie

Just In Case We Forget FEBRUARY 10, 2016 | LAURIE As we move through this life, let us remember we are okay always — without exception — no matter what. Just in case we forget — Amen. What a beautiful prayer… Read More

Tucked in Treasures like you in my heart

Tucked in Treasures like you in my heart~you

For Belinda -Maddie & Tae Fly

B you haven’t been on WP since Laurie shared this with me. So OMG girl let’s fly! BB is my country girl so I tend to sift my life through the country girls.  

Precious heart songs friend spaces

Laurie just opened the door for me to fly and we did. This precious page from her book, Heart Space Book, Quiet Reflections; From the Stillness Within the Heart, has been a huge part of the heart healing for… Read More

No More Path

   Beautiful Quiet Prayer from my sweet friend Laurie