Today I’m thankful for clouds

Today I’m thankful for clouds. They give up a respite from the hot summer heat. They provide us with cleansing rain drops. I love rain, I love Fall and Winter. Summer I’m breaking up with you!! 😊

Beautiful dawn… out my back door

Good morning beautiful ♡ This is looking East. No filters or editing This is looking SE. No filters or editing

Happy Monday

Good morning beautiful day, it’s 33° F. I’m enjoying an extra large Mocha Latte’. It’s going to be a beautiful day I just know it. 🧡

Amazing star burst this morning

I love star bursts but rarely get them! I love it when this happens! ❤

Just before dawn

Just outside my back door dawn is glowing with her sweet gentle hello.

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday beautiful dawn this morning out my back door. It’s frosty today. Have a wonderful day.

Good morning sunshine


Wishing you a gentle Thursday 

Wishing you a gentle Thursday 

Fire in the sky

Fire in the sky…just now and I wondered does anyone else see these amazing sunrises? 💛💛I surely hope so