Tell me something…Little wildflower

Tell Me something…
Little wildflower…as you grow beneath the trees
Do you wander, do you seek?
To be like roses… So beautiful and sweet?
Do you try to be like our growing wild friends?
That’s what I love about you in the Spring,
With the sunshine…You creep and seep inside my soul
Till I can barely wait to see…
Your beauty… Oh so beautiful to me
Sweet wildflowers come back to me



The Mockingbird is back…today he jumped right down in front of me so I went looking for him with my camera in the rose bush. I didn’t get a good photo of him but look what showed up in my photos. I love wild camomile. ❤

Morning Dew

Morning Dew caught my eye not only this new sweet wildflower in my field…how small the leaves are and each kissed by the morning dew. Makes me think what a wonderful world

A little wildflower

Hay was baled a little earlier this year and most of my wildflowers went with it. This evening I looked out to see this sweet little Indian Paintbrush. There was another one so tiny beside it. They made me smile. 😊

I love that.

Wildflowers of brown and green

I remember my wildflowers
that bloom in the Spring
Now memories where
Wildflowers of brown and green
wait and time races on
in my waiting field of
Wildflowers of brown and green