SHE’s a wildflower…wild & free SHE grew by the side of the road SHE wasn’t ashamed to grow there either Some think it matters where you grow All that mattered was SHE was growing Being Free and Wild is part of SHE SHE

I waited for you

I wasn’t going to take a photo today, but when I let Angel, here You were from yesterday and I thought. . .Wow I need to capture this! I thought you would have blown away, I feel like you waited for me today with the sunrise shining on YOU, like HERE I am! It’s all about the little things to me, which are huge! IMHO

A quiet hush…Good morning wish whispers

There’s a quiet hush over this land Little white flowers carry Good morning wish whispers On a sweet Summer breeze

Where wildflowers go

I asked the moon tonight As it raised up in the sky Where did all my wildflowers go? Then this hay bale caught my eye You see, he said… it is harvest And plenty on this land Grows many beautiful wildflowers I know you understand Each year during harvest We bid a sweet goodbye And in no time it’s for certain They bring food on winter’s night Good bye sweet little wildflowers Good bye dandelions Good bye little memories Good bye with a smile

Good morning sweet one


There beyond the fences…I saw you waiting

There beyond the fences…I saw you waiting All I wanted to do was forget And you catch my attention I went beyond the fence and I saw Such beauty hidden in sacred places I think life is a lot like this

Today is a beautiful day to be a wildflower

Today is the beautiful day to be a wildflower It’s the only life she’s known Growing outside fences Swaying in the breeze In the field with all her wildflower friends Wildflowers are free that way

That’s beautiful to me~photos my MichelleMarie

There, inside the dawn

There, inside the dawn She had all the answers If only she could hold them Wildflowers Sunrise Fog Bliss There, inside the dawn