Switched to Nikon @6:45 to get this PINK

DSC_0280 (1280x810)


I am always amazed at how differently each camera captures the sunrise! This one is from my Nikon 3200. It not a fancy professional camera. When my Pa passed he left me all his photos and also enough money to buy this camera. I love it. Took me forever to learn how to use it. My other camera is a Nikon Coolpix it captures the best moon shots and also the sunsets it seems to captures the reds better then any one them. Of course you know I’m not a professional photographer and never claim to be but what I am is someone who thinks that too often in life we miss the little things and before I die I want to leave something for my girl and those that love me so that they know the things in life I find beautiful. My Pa did that for me he left me all his writings, pics and cameras and I know who he is by reading his words and writing them on my heart and looking at his trunk full of photos! Gosh to me life doesn’t get any better then this moment right here! I’m so happy, healed and whole I want to slap someone! Yay! Yippee!

Oh btw I wanted to tell you yesterday that YOU here at WP had a huge part in that healing. Reading my writing and all this crazy art that comes out of my head. With each share, each comment I got IT out all of it that good, bad and the ugly and WOW! I can’t explain to you how grateful I am for your friendship. Hope you have a super day! TGIF


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