raindrops on my window


raindrops on my window
Did you know
The distance between
My head and my heart
Is short?
Did you know
Sometimes on days
Like today
I sit in silence &
I wonder?
Did you know
Days like today
Are my very favorite
Rain, chilled air
Thoughts of You
raindrops on my window

11 thoughts on “raindrops on my window

      1. I know what you mean. I like the light to shine inside too. I only want the bedroom dark. I can’t sleep with light. Yes, the electric bill can take a chunk out of your purse if you’re not wise. I just turned my heat down, and opened the windows for some fresh air. It’s a nice day. This weather is crazy.

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      2. LOL. I us used to have a heater in my office too. We weren’t supposed to have them. Order from the fire marshal. We would hide them prior to inspection. It was cold inside our building!

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