We are the visionaries, dreamers of extraordinary dreams,
we live life not so customary, impossible to others though it seems.
We take the fifth element, and cast it into the third dimension,
we take life way out of the box, shift our gears to the other direction.

We take our world to the zone, a special place where time stands still,
we lose un-measurable hours, to creativity at last that gives us chills.
We take artistic pleasure, developing our worlds beyond our measures,
for all that we can create, we always do appreciate the love of this pleasure.

To some of us one might say, we have reached an impossible creation,
for how could we create, with such an undying devotion of feeling?
No one knows us when we’re in “The Zone,” God takes us to places unknown,
We make it back to the ordinary, before our eyes is an amazing creation to own.

We thank HIM for the gifts of imagination, we love HIM for HIS gifts of creativity,
In sharpening our minds eye, to envision a world so sly, of possible impossibilities.
We cherish the revolutionary, we shine a light to an uncustomary beam,
We are the visionaries, dreamers of HIS extraordinary dreams.

~Gunnar Timothy


  1. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It and commented:

    WE ARE THE VISIONARIES…coming from a family of visionaries has been an interesting ride. I love the way my Uncle writes about it. I’m reshaping it because I needed to read this today and maybe you might too! Have a wonderful day! ❤


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