Little Canning shed, small Gma’s house

Canningshed1 copy

This is a canning shed on my mom’s property. She doesn’t can anymore.

Canningshed copy

This is called a lean-to shed. At least that is what my mom calls it! This is where she parks her mower. Note the height, it is only 4′, I have to duck my head when I park the mower! To me that’s kind of funny! My mom is 4′ 9″, she doesn’t have a problem with it! 😀

momsmall house

This is the small house behind my mom’s main house. The original owner built it for their mother.
The address 2015 1/2. I thought that was interesting. My family used to flip homes as a hobby. When my mom bought this property it was with the intention of finishing this little house. Vandals broke in and smashed up the bathroom and put holes in the wall,  we are in the process of drywalling, and roofing. So far we’ve put in new windows built a new front porch and back porch. This little house is one bedroom, a tiny small miniature kitchen because back then people were smaller.

This is where all my Pa’s stuff is. My mom joked that she can never get rid of Antell! That’s what she called him! I think it’s kind of neat because this little place smells like my Pa. There are little pieces of him everywhere now that I think about it! That makes me smile thinking of it!



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