Sometimes she smokes & spits


Sometimes she smokes & spits
I think it’s funny when she cusses
She gets angry  about double standards
She talks 90 miles an hour
Walks with a purpose
Never stops to say excuse me
She just walks around and keeps going
Sometimes she smokes & spits
I asked her once why she spits 
She said sometimes I get angry
So angry I just spit
My Pa he said well spitting
is better than hitting so maybe
it’s okay to spit…and the smoking
It just another way to blow off steam
Sometimes she smoke & spits

22 thoughts on “Sometimes she smokes & spits

      1. I would have remembered but one of our best loved TV and radio personalities died yesterday. The type of one where you feel like you have lost a friend.

        Happy for 10 years though. When I gave up I didn’t think I could do it. I was only going to try because my ex-wife (or wife at the time) wanted us to. I didn’t think I was ready. I was 38 and had started smoking when I was 9. I still get the odd day where I smell cigarette smoke and want one. But that passes even before the thought has finished crossing my mind.


      2. It’s interesting how that is when someone dies like that and it really surprises you when it touches you like that!
        I’m so happy that you stopped smoking! I never have smoked except to try it in high school. I can’t stand it when I smell it for long periods of time I get a headache. I hate smelling like smoke. so I bet you sense of smell has increased!

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      3. My sense of smell and taste has. There are things I oculd eat before that I can’t now. I can’t eat a hot curry. I’m lucky if I can have anything hotter than a Korma


      4. I used to eat vindaloos with only just a slight watering of the eyes. It’s amazing to see what smoking kills off in the way of sensations. I wish they would post things like that rather than “smoking causes cancer” because so does not smoking. I think more people would stop smoking if they found out what they were losing. I have put on a couple of stone in that time though. Well, 2½ stone.


  1. Reminds me of the stories of Lillie Coit, who gambled & smoked & rode the fire engines around San Francisco, and left a pile of money to the city. (They used it to build Coit Tower.)

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  2. I was just playing around yesterday and I thought how much that woman reminded me of my neighbor. She’s die if she know I wrote this about her. But it’s so cute to me her personality! I sure love what you wrote! 😀


    1. HEHE yes she sure is! She’s my neighbor! She loves to walk her dog in the evening and quiet often is waiting on me when I get home. I spend the entire walk laughing at her funny stories, she also carries a tiny little bat! I love her eccentric personality! I’m glad you do too!


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