New Release: The Eternals by Richard M. Ankers

I spent sometime this weekend reading Richard’s book, Eternals. It’s not a secret he’s one of my favorite writer and one of my dearest friends. I haven’t been around much and wasn’t able to celebrate his debut so I wanted to share this like with you so you can check it out for yourself. Yay Hooray for Richard!!!

Richard M. Ankers - Author


At long last The Eternals have arrived. The first book in the trilogy available now

For Jean, eternity should’ve meant forever.

The Eternals, they are a breed apart. Born to immortality, neither human nor vampire, a dying sun is to end their race where no other could. It is to this ultimatum that Jean, the last Eternal lord, is born. Jean accepts the end once preached by his deceased parents, where others won’t, their arrogance furthering his melancholy. He would fight for the future where they, the Hierarchy, would waltz into nothingness. 
But everything changes for Jean when he commits the cardinal sin: his bite takes the life of Princess Chantelle of The New Europa Alliance, whose sister will come to enthrall him. It is a deed Jean thinks has passed unnoticed; it has not. When the Britannian dandy, Sir Walter Merryweather, informs him of this, Jean runs. Aided and…

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