The other side of my heart ❤️

The other side of my heart Is where you reside It’s something that I hide I hold you sacred On the other side Of my heart MM

One more show before you go

One more show before you go

Be happy~please :)

Be Happy~please!

If I could paint heaven for you it would look like this

If I could paint heaven for you it would look like this

Sometimes…where the is much joy much sadness abides

Sometimes… Where there  is much joy much sadness abides Sometimes… To experience  the heights  of joy one must have been to the pit

Remember…don’t make a permanent decision

Remember…don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling I try to caution her about this but still she does. I Sigh!

I know why she weeps by the willows

Art by MichelleMarie I saw her by the willow weeping there each day I wanted to somehow help her I prayed to find a way One day she stopped She turned my way around From her brown eyes tears were pouring I thought we might would drown Tell me child why you are weeping so Please won’t you tell me I need just to know Each day I come here I see you weeping this way Please tell me can I help you I know nothing to say She said You just did

In the days we have left

The days still left we will walk in fields of gold! 💛💛💛