FULL TIME VERSION OF MYSELF~Inspiration from my Uncle

Oh wow I just ran into this from my Uncle Gunn…Full Time Version of Myself. I love the declaration from my Sweet Uncle Gunn. I’m resharing it because it’s so good.

Tell Me About It

fulltimeversionofmyself (1 of 1)


I long to be a full-time version of myself,
I don’t want to pretend to be anyone else.
For finding who I am and being true to me,
means everything in the world to forever and infinity.

No longer will I take on someone else’s principles as mine,
I will learn by example, truth, faith, and love in what I find.
Crawling out of my old cocoon I will become a new butterfly,
one that soars high and mighty in truth, and will never ever lie.

All anew in principles, hope, and honesty that flies above,
I will grasp that new reflection in the mirror of myself, the Me that I love.
No longer will I while the anchors of the past that will bring me down,
as I am here in the NOW loving this minute and the next as to day comes around.

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