This touched my heart…one sweet mom heart to another! This is beautiful from Jude! ❤

Judith Iris Quate, CZT, CAP


I hoped and prayed to give birth to a baby
with labor pains and precise breathing, this was my dream.
What happened was science intervention
an emergency C-section, no pain or quick breathing;
I find this to be very sad.

They were lifted out of my being, one at a time
and handed off to the waiting teams to care for their needs.
I laid their on the bed listening to the words being spoken,
praying I would hear the sounds, I was so anxiously hoping.

I laid in silence waiting to be moved
and asked my doctor, “how are my boys?”
In a very compassionate tone he responded, “they are in good hands.”
But doctor, “how could that be, I didn’t hear their cries.”
He looked at me with very sad eyes
and said, “dear we are fighting very hard to save their lives.”

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4 thoughts on “I DIDN’T HEAR THEIR CRIES

    • OH yes. She touched my heart deeply with this. Amazing how something like this stops us, stops our world. Please follow her if you don’t. Such a beautiful love this mom’s heart! ❤


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