He’s gone fishin’

I’m going fishin’ there is nothing you can do
I’m going fishin’ in a day or two
Micki you can try to please them
Ain’t nothing you can do
Maybe you should join me
Cause I’m going fishin’
I’ll be waiting for you

P.S. Thinking about my Pa.

13 thoughts on “He’s gone fishin’

  1. My Dad and I often went out in a rowboat on Lake Erie at night. Mainly to look at the stars but we talked about life, even when I was fairly young. We fished once in awhile, too. My Dad passed away in 2001 and this photo and your loving thoughts were reminiscent of how I sometimes feel. . . Missing my Dad. 💓 Take care, Michelle Marie. xo

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    1. Awe I’m sorry for your loss. My Pa passed in 2011. I miss him everyday I’m sure you know what I mean. I love that you went fishing with you dad too. Those special times really are so memorable. I’m so happy for those. I’m headed for bed. Sweet dreams my friend 💜💜xx

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      1. I am sorry for your losing a special Pa. He sounds wonderful and we are never ready to lose loved ones. I still have my Mom do you, dear Michelle Marie? xo 💓

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  2. Hi Michelle – I like this and that it reminds you of your Pa. Also reminds me of my Dad and a little song Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong sang a long time ago called “Gone Fishin'”

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