Meet Guest Author Richard M. Ankers…

I really love this and know you will too. One of my dearest friends Richard, never stops amazing me with his writing and imagination! 🙂

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How does one make an introduction when he hates talking about himself? Hm, I know, I’ll tell you what convinced me to give up everything to write. We’ll see how that goes because it’s something only I know.

It started with a Death.

richard-m-ankersI have a bad memory bordering on terrible, so when events stick in my mind, they’re significant. Peta was there from the start. She still is in one way or another.

One of my first memories of school was the day the headmaster announced during assembly that Peta’s father had died of a brain haemorrhage or something equally terrible. We were to give her space and respect. At six one’s comprehension of such things is sketchy, but we tried.

It was particularly cruel on Peta because she was brilliant. Clever, pretty, talented — she played the flute even then — she was everything I was not. Self-confidence…

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9 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Richard M. Ankers…

  1. Great! All OK in OK? 😉 [Don laugh, its the only rhime i m actually able to produce]. Coleen Chesebro had guided me to thesaurus. com, but i think i need some time to reach level A1. 😉 Happy afternoon! Michael


    1. Oh yes everything is OK in OK. That is my biggest secret for writing a thesaurus! Happy afternoon to you too! 😉 Have a gentle Sunday. Hope everything is OK with you too! I can’t think of one single joke! 😀

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