Porch sitting

I could be anywhere as long as I’m with you. Angel wanted to sit on the bench with me. I love this dog. She’s 14 and slowing down, I’m honoring this time in her life. We are stopped and smelling everything 😂

11 thoughts on “Porch sitting

  1. I’m afraid I spend more time making sure my senior dog (aged 15) is still breathing. And I pamper him a lot. He needs a little coat now to help him keep his arthritic joints warm, even in the house. If it’s too cold, I don’t take him out at all. CBD for his arthritis as well as some meds. If he poops and pees in the house on the tile floor, just short of the dog door, I don’t complain. There’s snow out there and I know he just can’t handle it. I clean it up and give him a hug. I’d do anything for this guy.


    1. She found us when Alex was 10. Literally. Alex was afraid because she was such high energy. Now she’s so docile and tender. The birds are signing right now in my rose bushes I think they love her too. ❤️


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