AND so…like now

AND SO. . .
I am here with you
This moment…I don’t want to take a selfie…
and maybe we create something from this
I trust this place where we
Find ourselves
Like now… I’m trying to be true
And give myself to this moment
I never know where this space will lead
Why you seem to trust when I let go… you hope for it
I always trust in this, a space in where we just
Become ourselves and I hope you feel it too
AND SO. . . and thus I am me…

8 thoughts on “AND so…like now

    1. Yes.. you got that right. I feel like our lives are this beautiful dance and maybe we only know it is in the end. I hope we see this before and dance along with it. It’s really a gentle dance I wish I knew this before. It’s a tenuous and beautiful dance. It feels like this to me now. Maybe I’m on the softer side of life. Thank God. LOL ::) Thank you Tim for being you. 🙂

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      1. Do you know David Allen Coe’s song “Dakota The Dancing Bear”? It seems life can be awful lot like that sone before we start to figure things out, and learn to dance the soft beautiful dances.


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